AirPods Max Outdoor Sports Headphones

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AirPods Max Outdoor Sports Headphones


Introducing AirPods Max — a perfect balance of exhilarating excessive-fidelity audio and the easy magic of AirPods. The ultimate personal listening revel in is here.
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original composition.


original composition.
The over-ear headphone has been completely reimagined. From cushion to the cover, AirPods Max is designed for an uncompromising fit that creates the most desirable acoustic seal for lots of different head shapes — absolutely immersing you in every sound.

Sounds like an epiphany.
AirPods Max combines excessive-constancy audio with industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation to deliver an unprecedented listening experience. Each part of their custom-constructed driving force works to produce sound with extremely-low distortion throughout the audible variety. From deep, wealthy bass to accurate mids and crisp, clean highs, you’ll pay attention to each word with a new sense of clarity.

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Computational audio. Key to performance.
With a useful Apple‑designed H1 chip in each cup, our custom acoustic layout, and advanced software, AirPods Max makes use of computational audio to create a breakthrough listening revel. By tapping into every chip’s 10 audio cores, computational audio facilitates blocking outdoor noise, adapts audio to the healthy and seal of your ear cushions, and makes movie scenes sound like they’re taking place all around you.
Industry‑leading Active Noise Cancellation counters outside sound with equal anti‑noise, permitting you to immerse yourself in what you’re being attentive to.


Press the noise control button to replace Transparency mode, letting outdoor sound in so that you can interact certainly together with your environment.
Elaborately simple.
AirPods Max inherits all the wireless, handy magic of the AirPods circle of relatives. From setup to Siri instructions, they make the listening revel absolutely fluid — day to day, a tool to the device.


One-faucet setup
AirPods Max connects without delay to your iPhone or iPad. To pair, location AirPods Max close to your device and faucet Connect to your display.2


Seamless switching
Seamlessly circulate between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.2 If you’re playing a song on your Mac and take a call on your iPhone, AirPods Max will mechanically transfer over.


Audio Sharing
Easily share an audio stream among units of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, or Apple TV. Bring any AirPods near the device you’re being attentive to and


hours of listening, movie looking, or talk time — with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled. Five charges through the Lightning connector. A quick 5‑minute charge can provide 1.5 hours of listening.6
The image indicates Silver AirPods Max in Augmented Reality display screen on iPhone.The photo shows Space Gray AirPods Max in an Augmented Reality display screen on iPhone.The photograph shows Sky Blue AirPods Max on an Augmented Reality screen on iPhone.The image suggests Pink AirPods Max in an Augmented Reality screen on iPhone.The image suggests Green AirPods Max in Augmented Reality display on iPhone.


First Impression

Hands-on first impressions of the AirPods Max were published in advance of the discharge of the brand new headphones, and for the most element, initial thoughts from participants of the media have been high-quality. The sound became defined as “crisp and vibrant” with little distortion even at max quantity, and the AirPods Max is “greater than suitable sufficient to compete with other excessive-quit headphones.”



Apple-designed the AirPods Max with oval-fashioned brushed aluminum ear cups connected to an unfashionable-fashion U-fashioned curved “cover” with telescoping arms for size adjustment functions. There are mesh ear cups that Apple says are crafted from an acoustic fabric that better conducts sound.


The headband curves upward and is made from a breathable knit mesh material between a chrome steel body that Apple says distributes the weight of the headphones across the top to cause them to greater cozy. The body is blanketed by way of a tender-touch cloth.


The AirPods Max headscarf may be removed with a widespread SIM card ejector device, which indicates that interchangeable headbands can be possible within the destiny, and it additionally enables easy scarf repairs. At the cutting-edge time, Apple no longer sells headbands. There’s additionally a small Lightning-like connector internal that permits the headscarf to connect every ear cup together.

Apple says that the AirPods Max layout allows for an “uncompromising match” that creates a “most beneficial acoustic seal” for plenty of head shapes. Each ear cup rotates independently at the body to balance pressure, and the mesh material and reminiscence foam internals of the ear cushions are intended to provide pillow-like softness.

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