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Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Reversible Extra Thick Non-Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts



The exceptional yoga mats could make a big distinction in cultivating a yoga practice that feels grounding and sustainable, whether or not you’re a relative novice who’s just getting used to the postures or a pro yogi who’s swapping the yoga studio on your living room.

“Various home practices can help us feel in reality relaxed in our skin,” Angela Dawn, a certified yoga teacher at Y7 Studio, tells SELF. “It may be honestly difficult to begin, however, you don’t need to undergo it alone. The net is surely a splendid location to discover sequencing thoughts, flows, or even complete yoga video training.”

If you’re geared up to make yoga part of your home workout recurring, here’s what you will want to know approximately locating the nice yoga mat for you and your vinyasa waft. And, once you find a mat that works for you, recall adding yoga blocks and different useful props to your exercise.


How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat

Finding a terrific mat isn’t difficult (you don’t should spend a fortune to get one that’s supportive and grippy), but whilst you’re buying, hold in mind all your particular wishes. Maybe you discover thicker mats extra comfortable for joint pain. Maybe ideal alignment is your intention, and also you want a mat that offers you adequate area to stretch your legs out in the warrior II pose. And in case you sweat plenty throughout your exercise, a mat that reduces slipping is probably the pinnacle of mind.

Next, keep in mind the mat’s portability. If you’re searching out a mat you may deliver with you—even supposing it’s simply into the backyard for some outside yoga—or a mat compact enough to stow underneath your bed, you may want to pick a thinner mat that suits a yoga strap or rolls up without difficulty to healthy internal your yoga mat provider.

Finally, it is able to be beneficial to assume outside the mat’s functionality for a minute and select one which just brings a grin to your face with its design and feel (many mats are available in colors that run the gamut from soothing to vibrant, and some even come in amusing patterns). Need some concepts? Below, we’ve highlighted the best yoga mats for all styles of practices and bodies, from less expensive bestsellers to pinnacle choices from yoga instructors and fitness professionals.


Best Yoga Mat Overall:

This latex-free yoga mat has a unique material-like surface and is made of a “closed-cell” cloth, which helps prevent sweat and moisture from soaking into the mat. Bonus: It comes in a slew of laugh colorings.

The ProLite has extremely dense cushioning, so it gives all of the assistance and stability you want in the course of your practice. It’s also clean to smooth and seals out moisture. It’s a popular however reliable mat.

Best for Extra Grip:

Made of herbal rubber for extra grip and almost a quarter of an inch thick, this mat is likewise super for giving a charitable increase: For each mat bought, JadeYoga will plant a tree. And if you purchase certain colors, some of the proceeds might be donated to a cancer charity.

This is an exceptional mat with a super grip! I endorse it for energy or hot classes that have a tendency to steam up a room and have you in Downward Dog with sweat dripping out of you. It’s a piece at the highly-priced aspect, but if you’re searching out an extended-lasting mat to resist the test of time, this is a terrific desire. Plus, seeing that Jade mats come from timber, they supply back by means of planting a tree for each mat bought!
This mat not best feels properly to use due to its grip and cushion, however, you may additionally sense excellent about making an investment in it, due to the fact they’re eco-friendly. I practiced every day and this mat lasted me approximately 12 months and a half. —Jake Panasevich, yoga teacher and fitness-science journalist.


Best for Hot Yoga:

This mat has a fantastic grip and cushioning because of its herbal rubber and absorbent, suede microfiber material that is crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Plus, it’s to be had in masses of colors and styles and comes with a carrying strap.



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Best for Versatility:

Lululemon’s flagship yoga mat is not only a bestseller but expert-accepted besides. Made of natural rubber, this reversible mat feels clean but grippy, features five millimeters of cushioning, and holds as much as normal use. In short, whether you’ve got a powerful vinyasa magnificence or deep Yin exercise on the faucet, this mat will provide you with simply the right quantity of guidance.
Best for Asana Yoga:
This natural rubber mat has an asana grid etched into it for ultimate help with poses. Plus, it has an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking floor that’s exquisite for preventing slippage.

Best For Ultimate Cushioning:

This extremely-dense yoga mat changed into encouragement with the aid of 4 of the instructors we reached out to, and the motive become quite clear: It’s the last mat for comfort and cushioning. Plus, it comes in several fun color alternatives.

Best for Body Awareness:

This green mat is biodegradable in everyday landfill situations (within five years). It additionally capabilities handy guidelines to help you circulate via your exercise with the right form.


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