coleman portable butane Camping stove with carrying case

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Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case | Classic 1 Burner Butane Camping Stove

Coleman Tabletop Portable Butane Gas Camping Stove, 1 Burner - Gray for sale online | eBay

Coleman portable butane Camping stove with carrying case

  • Price: $34
  • Pros: Lightweight, less expensive, simmers nicely, sturdy, vehicle-ignition
  • Cons: Only one burner, no windscreen, butane does not do well in the cold
  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • TIME TO BOIL – 20%2.0
  • WIND RESISTANCE – 20%2.0
  • EASE OF SET UP – 15%9.0
  • EASE OF CARE – 15%8.0
  • PORTABILITY – 10%9.0

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Our Verdict

The Coleman Butane Instastart is a small and simple one-burner with a completely approachable price tag. At 7,650 BTUs, it’s now not a powerhouse, however now not all of us need that. For our buddies who dig easy one-pot food like oatmeal, soup, or macaroni and cheese, there’s no cause to spend plenty extra on a complex setup. This is an incredible starter stove for a brand new or infrequent camper that wants something equipped and simple without breaking the bank. It’s also best in case you need a low-priced extra burner on your contemporary set-up or an emergency range to preserve inside the shed.

This version is the cheapest range in our evaluation. For a buck greater, although, you could buy the Best Buy Award-triumphing Gas One GS-3000. We select the Gas One model because it’s a touch lighter, even easier to easy, and quicker bringing water to a boil.


Performance Comparison

Time to Boil

If boiling time isn’t always a pinnacle priority for you, then Instastart is an amazing match. It sincerely isn’t always terrible: it boiled a quart of water in 5 mins, that is pretty first-rate thinking about the burner handiest having 7,650 BTUs. However, it’s nonetheless one of the slowest of all of the stoves we examined.

Wind Resistance

The Instastart no longer includes a windscreen and the handiest has 7,650 BTUs on its one burner, so it is no surprise that it struggles with the wind. On a mildly breezy day, this stove nevertheless does decently, but below the direct and extra intense wind, it simply can not hack it. During our container fan test, in which we installed a fan to the aspect of the range even as boiling water, the Instastart took an amazing 21.5 minutes to boil a quart of water in a tea kettle.\


Simmering Ability

The Instastart simmers thoroughly, making for enjoyable and first-class cooking all around. The burner knob is fine and big and very smooth to modify. Unlike a number of the alternative stoves we examined, the scale of the flame is accurate regarding the low-to-high gradient photo next to it. This makes it smooth to believe what the flame is doing and not need to constantly fear whether or not or now not the burner is still lit.


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Ease of Set Up

The Instastart rises to the pinnacle of p.C. For being a cinch to install in large part due to the fact the instructions are revealed right on the frame of the range. This method that asking a friend who has by no means used the stove before to assist get set up and begin cooking is an affordable request. All it requires to get taking place in this range is to align the butane canister inside the fuel compartment, lock it into place, and turn the knob to ignite.

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Ease of Care

Cleaning this small range is straightforward — there is a minimum floor region to get grimy. The drip pan would not do away with it, however, the layout is open sufficient that cleaning the top surface, even under the grate, is simple. There is a recess below the burner that might probably gather food debris through the years, and there is no way to get down in there, but because the recess is at once below where your pot or pan sits, even something boiling over will probably leave out the hole.

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The Instastart is set as portable as you may get. It packs into its little plastic suitcase for smooth shipping, measuring just 14.25 x 12 x 4.5 inches, and it weighs much less than 5 kilos. Sure, the tradeoff is that you don’t have as many alternatives while cooking more than one dish or for a group, however, the wide strong burner nevertheless permits the use of a big 10-12″ skillet or even a wok. So in case you are a one-pan-meal aficionado, you may nevertheless effortlessly be able to feed a small institution.


This model gives an incredible fee. It’s so cheap that you could purchase 3 of them for much less than the fee of many -burners. Sometimes when a product is outstanding and cheap, you sacrifice all of the best, but that isn’t the case right here. This stove is a lot of a laugh and suitable for plenty of extraordinary eventualities.

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